Consulting Skills

Core capabilities that go towards making a good consultant include structured thinking, structured communication, storytelling with data, project management and client-handling skills. This workshop is a boot camp for entry/lateral consulting professionals where they can sharpen these skills and learn 'the easy way' all the synthesized tips and guidelines which we learnt 'the hard way' – through years on-the-job in delivering consulting engagements across multiple clients and industries. The workshop includes modules from all the other courses.

Relevant For: Consultants and analysts in Consulting Firms or other companies having similar roles

Duration: 3 Days

Structured Thinking & Problem Solving

This session enhances participants’ problem solving skills by helping them internalize a structured approach to a given problem situation, as opposed to unorganized / loose thinking which is commonly prevalent. Participants also learn ‘what to watch out for’, through an understanding of common pitfalls in problem solving.

Relevant For: Entry and mid-level Management across sectors and functions

Duration: 1 Day

Structured Communication & High-impact presentations

This course enhances participants’ structured communication and presentation skills. They learn the ability to get one’s point across with maximum impact in minimum time and space, in a clear, unambiguous, direct and non-threatening manner, and the ability to persuade, collaborate and resolve conflict.

Participants are also introduced to the core elements of effective presentations (content, structure & flow and visual appeal) and apply these concepts to creating a presentation, which is then reviewed by the course faculty. The course concludes with a session on effective presentation delivery.

Relevant For: all personnel whose role involves creation and delivery of business presentations (or other formal communication) to clients or internal stakeholders.

Duration: 1 Days

Effective storytelling with data

Most professionals face a twin set of issues: on the one hand, an explosion of information, resulting in data-heavy presentations; and on the other hand, reducing audience attention spans, making it very difficult to hold their attention and convince them about their point of view.

We believe that storytelling can help in managing these challenges and achieve the communication objective. This course delves into the three pillars of good storytelling: narrative, visuals and delivery and helps people craft and tell a compelling story from their data.

Relevant For: Personnel in consulting and analytics roles or leadership roles from other corporates, who need to make persuasive presentations with data

Duration: 2 Days

Storytelling for Impact

Sometimes, despite telling a comprehensive data-backed story, the audience may just not "get it" as we expect them to. Is it because the audience is difficult? No, perhaps just human.

To really 'move' our audience, we need incorporate some 'right-brain' elements of storytelling. We need to see things from their perspective – both while building and communicating the story:

Building the story: We need to understand who and where the audience is and where they are coming from. When pitching our solution to a client, it is critical to see the business ‘journey’ that they have to undertake; and how will our solution/technical inputs, support them in that journey.

Communicating the story: How can we use creative 'right brain' storytelling techniques (such as analogies, human stories, surprise) to get and hold the audience's attention and most importantly, make them care enough to act; also, how can we leverage the power of visuals and pre-attentive attributes to make our messages stand out.

Relevant For: Mid-level personnel in B2B sales or other roles requiring persuasion

Duration: 1 Days

Project Management

Successful Project Management involves balancing multiple and often conflicting requirements to deliver projects on time, up to quality and within budget. This workshop covers both the hard aspects (which include dynamic project planning and scheduling, project control mechanisms, quality management on projects, scope and resource management) as well as the often-understated softer elements (which include managing project team members and client interactions).

Relevant For: Project Managers, Project Teams, Cross-Functional Task Forces

Duration: 1 Days

Managing Client Relationships

Effective client handling skills are a key requirement for successful execution of projects in service industries, and for building and sustaining strong client relationships. This workshop helps participants build capabilities in understanding and anticipating client expectations, managing client communication processes, managing project scope and dealing with scope change requests and effectively resolving conflict in project situations.

Relevant For: Project Managers, Project Team members interfacing with client personnel

Duration: 1 Days

Managing Time and Personal Productivity

This workshop approaches Time Management from a different perspective. We expose participants to powerful Project Management principles such as Task Breakdowns, Scheduling & Resource Planning and Task Prioritisation, which when applied to daily / routine tasks dramatically enhance Personal Productivity. This allows participants to retain their natural style of functioning, while equipping them to ‘go on overdrive’ when required to do so.

Relevant For: Junior-Middle Management, All Functions

Duration: 1 Days