"Our clients may not always be right. They are, however, always our clients."

While we train personnel on Managing Client Relationships, we practice day-to-day every concept that we preach. We listen to our clients, understand their objectives, constraints and expectations, and only then talk about how we can help and support them. We also do not hesitate to tell our clients explicitly when we may not be the best positioned to help them.

We have very few one-off programs - most of our relationships are long-standing, with clients who have continued to use our services and provide positive referrals. Most of our large clients have been with us since 2007 – indicating the length and depth of our relationships.

We also treat our participants as clients. When we conduct a course, we see participants not merely learners who need guidance, but also as client employees. We are in touch with several participants who share with us their successes, experiences and newer challenges as they grow in their careers. This is one of the most satisfying aspects of the work we do.

Our training programs have been conducted at client locations in India and abroad.