Most knowledge firms face a similar set of issues

Business/L&D leaders in consulting, technology, operations, analytics or other ‘knowledge-roles’, typically have a common need: for their employees to go beyond just 'doing their job' to adding genuine, tangible value to their clients and stakeholders.

In order to do that, these ‘consulting capabilities’ are essential:

  • Develop a clear understanding of the client’s needs
  • Work with the client and help them define the business problems
  • Solve the problems innovatively using a structured approach
  • Communicate findings and recommendations clearly and persuasively
  • Effectively manage multiple projects and client requirements

We help address these issues through our training programs

At Mind Matters, we enable employees achieve better outcomes through learning the right skills in the following areas:

  • Problem framing and definition
  • Structured thinking and problem solving
  • Structured communication and high-impact presentations
  • Effective storytelling with data
  • Project management
  • Client/stakeholder management

This section has further details of the training programs we offer.

We work with the leading names in consulting, analytics, technology and operations

Our major clients include Accenture, BCG, EY, Infosys, Microsoft, PWC, S&P, VISA et al. A detailed list of clients is available here.

Our participants rate us highly for genuine impact

This section has a few participant-testimonials from our workshops.

Our faculty come with rich experience in management consulting and training

Our faculty have strong academic credentials and have significant experience in management consulting.

  • Business Writing
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Project Management
  • Structured Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Time Management & Personal Productivity
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